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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Woke Generation Poses a Danger to the Faith

Santa Cruz Church, vandalized
The news that the California state legislature introduced a bill this week to compel Catholic priests to violate the seal of confession for certain crimes should come as a shock to Catholics around the world and a warning for what the future holds.

It should be a shock because even the most aggressively secular governments in the West have always respected the religious rite of a penitent seeking absolution from God without fear of secular wrath. Socialist governments might have come to office pledging to remove the Church from public influence and educating children to turn away from God but they have never attempted to interfere with the Church administering this sacrament to its flock.

The fact that the loathsome California legislature would forward this bill for consideration demonstrates that they believe they would pay no political penalty for this historic legislation. A close examination of their base shows this to be true.

The activist “woke” generation of internet progressives do not believe in the basic boundaries that have marked the detente between Church and secular culture. They do not believe that nurses and doctors should be given faith exemptions from being forced to perform abortions. They do not believe that local civil clerks have the right to refuse to marry gay couples because of their religious beliefs. They do not want public dollars to flow to religious schools because they want every child indoctrinated before they can think for themselves. They do not believe that religious conscience should inform in any way the deliberations public officials have about policy. They believe that people should go to jail for refusing to bow to transgender ideology and that confessing basic Christian beliefs should mark you for prison.

In France the problem is far worse. The following excerpt is highly disturbing, so please be forewarned:

There were almost 50 attacks and acts of vandalism against religious sites in France documented in the month of February, according to Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe.

In Nimes, at the Church of Notre-Dame des Enfants, a cross was drawn on a wall with excrement, and pieces of consecrated Communion Hosts were stuck onto it. Ellen Fantini, executive director of the Vienna-based Observatory, told The Tablet that France was currently the “worst country in Europe” for “secularist, anti-religious intolerance” and was facing growing problems with anti-Christian actions by anarchist, feminist and Islamist movements.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on them.

What makes this attack among other things ridiculous is that one wonders what these anarchists, feminists and Islamists were protesting? France is the most aggressively secular country in the world.

The Catholic Church has no influence on politics or culture in that country. The amount of people who say that religion is important to them is in the single digits. The secularists own that country. So why this outpouring of hate?

The young, woke, angry souls are triggered merely by the site of a beautiful Church such as Notre-
Dame des Enfants. The hatred within them for a deserted relic of what is holy is instructive: they do not wish to live in peaceful co-existence: they wish to extinguish the legal rights of the Church until it has no role in public left. Until its believers have no forums to communicate with one another.
This generation does not respect the rules that have allowed religion to exist in the private sphere after its expulsion from the public. They seek total victory with no safe haven for the believer. The Church and its laity would be wise to prepare for this eventuality and not be mistaken that the old rules still apply.