May 26, 2019

European Election Results: The British Left Embarrasses Itself and Anti-Globalists Win Large Victories

Does a more detestable political bloc then the British Left exist anywhere in the world?

For those of us who pride ourselves on coherence the British Left is un-graspable. Self-styled men and women who favour the working class and its interests, defenders of democracy, moral leaders in the world, protectors of is rubbish, all of it.

Faced between the choice to validate this collection of psychotics and grifters or re-affirm the UK Conservative Party in this week's European Elections the wise people of Great Britain decided to cast a hex on both of their houses.

Nigel Farange's Brexit Party is poised to capture 32% of the vote, a stunning result for a new political party. Cosmopolitan Socialists, unhappy with Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit stance, decided to migrate to the Liberal Democratic Party en masse. Faced with the choice of voting for a socialist party that was anti-EU or a globalist party that was pro-EU the Cosmopolitan Socialists sided with the bourgeoisie part of the little soul that they have remaining.

Marine Le Pen leader of the National Rally Party, harassed, attacked, de-platformed, threatened with jail, triumphed with the largest share of the vote in France. President Emmanuel Macron, murderer of demonstrators, liar, cheat, total slave of his banker backers is humiliated after losing to a pariah.

Conservative Christian parties in Poland and Hungary re-affirmed the love and respect of their people by handily winning elections. Germany seems to be sliding into the Green abyss, with 48% of its voters declaring climate change to be the most urgent national issue and only 25% of voters saying the same of immigration.

The German women who have been raped and killed by Muslim Africans would beg to differ, if they could, which they can't.

The wider theme of the elections is the migration of voters to parties advocating globalist economics and extreme far-left secularist social policies (on religion, gay issues, immigration) or anti-globalist parties advocating traditional cultural policies and left-of-centre economics.

If there is one lesson that I will take away from today, it is this: faced with a choice between defending the worker within their borders and withdrawing from supranational institutions or abandoning the worker to globalism and keeping their vacation places in tact, leftists choose the latter.

Quelle surprise.