May 22, 2019

Overwhelmed By the Evil of the Age

Look at that photo.

The "parasites" mentioned therein are unborn children, growing, feeling, learning in the womb. Every child that is developing in the womb instinctively relies on the mother to protect it and to love it.

So what happens when that mother decides to dismember that baby? To betray it? To murder it?

What scream does that baby make, if the vocal chords aren't cut first to prevent it? What horrible feeling of betrayal by that baby, helpless, innocent, defenseless? What pain must that baby feel when it is dying, the emotional as well as the physical?

The sheer numbers of late-term abortions carried out in the world today dwarf the dead of Auschwitz. The executioners are walking the street, free, proud, indifferent to the evil that they have done.

The Church has always taught that it is a mistake to fool around with sin - to think that we can control it, isolate it, into one part of our life. The Church has rightly taught that sin metastasizes into the whole life of an individual if left unaddressed. We are seeing the same effect play it out in a macro way in our societies.

The sin of contraception led to the sin of fornication. The sin of fornication lead to the sin of abortion. The sin of fornication and divorce led to the sin of abortion. The sin of abortion, the wholesale murder of children, opened the floodgates to every perversion imaginable.

Only a complete conversion to the teachings of the Church can undo the spiritual and social damage caused by these errors. The Truth must be accepted in whole, without change and compromise, without concessions to the era. The Truth prevents in totality sin from entering our lives. The Truth cannot accept divorce or contraception because then it will inevitably lead to accepting every vice under the sun.

There are so many broken people in the world that are so far gone that only a heart willing to accept the graces of Christ, followed by the gift of His mercy, can save them. Only a wholesale conversion of society and the generous application of His love and mercy can save all of us.

We cannot compromise the Faith in any way, shape, or form. It cannot yield an inch to this broken age. All attempts at modifying Truth to fit perversions must be completely rejected from the Body of Christ. This is not a time for concessions. This is a time for unyielding steadfastness and prayer.