May 15, 2019

We Live Side-by-Side with Ghouls - And Heaven is Watching

The Second Judgement, in Sacred Scripture, is quite the thing. 

Most Christians are aware that after death we are judged according to the state of our soul. This is the judgement that most of us should be concerned with because the outcome is eternal. This is known in the Christian faith as the First Judgement.

The Second Judgement is where our true relationship to God will be revealed to us.

I find myself thinking about this when I try to understand how 8,000 babies a day in the womb throughout the Western World, 2.8 million babies a year, die like this:

Do demons live inside of people not in a state of grace? Are they permanently perched on their shoulders, whispering into ears the kind of justifications one would have to be convinced of to commit a crime so ghastly? Do demons use the same tactics they used to convince concentration camp guards that what they were doing was OK? Do they delight when a baby is screaming in the womb, gain power from the blood of the innocents that is shed?

I suspect I know the answer to a lot of those questions. The sheer frothing rage that the abortionists exhibit to basic forms of religiosity and Christian values is not of this world.

Our Lady appeared in Egypt to over 250,000 people on top of the Church where the Holy Family hid to avoid the slaughter of innocents when abortion was first being legalized in the West (the UK.) This was not a co-incidence. Heaven is watching. The slaughter of innocents is a particular crime that cries to heaven to be stopped.

We can stop it with our laws. Or God will stop it with his justice.