Jun 3, 2019

A Word on the Taylor Marshall/Jeff Mirus Debate on "Infiltration"

Taylor Marshall recently published Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within. The book blurb from Amazon describes it thusly:

It took nearly two millennia for the enemies of the Catholic Church to realize they could not successfully attack the Church from the outside. Indeed, countless nemeses from Nero to Napoleon succeeded only in creating sympathy and martyrs for our Catholic Faith.

That all changed in the mid-19th century, when clandestine societies populated by Modernists and Marxists hatched a plan to subvert the Catholic Church from within. Their goal: to change Her doctrine, Her liturgy, and Her mission.

Dr. Jeff Mirus, founder of CatholicCulture.org, did not like the book. His objections stem from a dislike of conspiratorial thinking. Here is an excerpt:

The fundamental stupidity of the book arises from the author’s felt need to explain the normal human condition in terms of a series of conspiracies. Developments and ideas the author considers bad—from the loss of the Papal States through the Second Vatican Council and right up to the current pontificate—are ascribed to the secret machinations of the Masons, the Modernists, the Communists, the gays, the St. Galen Mafia, you name it.

I have not read the book. I do not intend to weigh in on the merits of the book only the argument that seems to have sprung from Dr. Mirus' review.

I would hesitate to write a book on the who/what/when/how on the degradation of the Church since the answers are fundamentally unknowable if we believe that the Church exists in the physical and spiritual realm. If it does, as I believe, its reality and the forces effecting it can not be simply discerned by reading history books or the normal way of investigating events. That is why I chose not to buy the book. I do not believe we could find satisfactory answers to these questions until they come from God.

But I strongly disagree with Dr. Mirus contention to explain the utter catastrophe that has befallen Christian civilization - and the Church - in the last 200 years as springing from the "normal human condition."

A Christian civilization cannot go from health, vitality and faith to desolation in two centuries without having undergone frightening blows from its spiritual enemy. The "normal human condition" is not responsible for this civilization celebrating sodomy and child murder where it once celebrated Corpus Christi.

The who/what/when (Masons, communists, conspiracies) don't really mean anything to me. These groups would have no power or success without hell behind them.

The final triumph of the Church will mean the spiritual forces that are the cause of the tribulation of the Church will be defeated. The human enablers will be a footnote to the real spiritual war that occurred during this time.