Jun 22, 2019

Catholic Bishops Have Become Ecumenical Modernists Because That's What The Government is Paying Them to Be

No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. (St. Luke 6:24)

There is a lot of head-scratching among Catholics about the lack of spine shown by Catholic Bishops in the United States (and around the Western world - this article applies equally in every Western country.)

Why doesn't Cardinal Dolan ex-communicate abortion fanatic Gov. Cuomo (D-NY)? Why don't Bishops enforce Catholic belief when self-professed Catholics become public sinners? Why do Bishops allow politicians and celebrities to proclaim themselves as Catholics while confusing the faithful by saying the most heretical things?

The answer is money. Let me demonstrate my point. 

First article showing the extent of the subsidies of the Church by the US Government

Next article from Fr. James Martin's America Magazine complaining that the US Government would reduce some funding. Notice how reliant these "Catholic" organizations are on the whim of the government:

Lastly, the stunning raw dollar amount that "Catholic Charities" gets from the United States government:

I want the reader to note that these numbers are all outdated - before the refugee epidemic that the US Church used to increased funding substantially for "resettlement."

The work done by the charities is not the issue here. The work is laudable and for the most part in line with what the Gospel commands us to do.

The issue here is that the Church is no longer reliant on your parish donations to fund its operations. The amount collected in the collection plate is small pittance compared to the amount that the Church receives from the government. While the overwhelming amount of the $2.9 billion received in 2011 went to help people in need it is certain that millions of dollars went to help Cardinals and Bishops live a life of opulence, with higher salaries, nicer homes, more travel then they would have received otherwise.

They don't want that funding to stop. If Bishops relied on the parish collection plate they would have to substantially decrease their consumption and the flamboyance of their lifestyle and they would have to be accountable to the person in the pews for their actions.

But they are *not* accountable to the person in the pews for their actions because that person does *not* pay the vast majority of their expenses. The US Government does. And should faithful Bishops censor politicians and preach the unpopular portions of the faith the calls to remove that funding would be deafening. 

So the Bishops remain silent. The money from the government keeps rolling in. They make friends with politicians who vote to promote abortion, sodomy, war and theft of the worker by the atheistic oligarchical class. Those politicians want a neutered Catholic Church that treats *all* religions equally, makes no special claim to divinity and abandons Our Lord for a false, ecumenical god of tolerance.

And that is what they are getting for their money.