Jul 25, 2019

Are you ready for the devil?


This has been a year of cosmic significance. The feeling that many of us had - that 2019 would represent a crossing of the rubicon - has proven accurate.

Let's review quickly.

The building most identified with Our Lady, Theotokos, Mother of Mercy, Ark of the Covenant, went up in flames. That building was built by Christendom, not just by the French, symbolizing the hope that they built their civilization on. Jesus Christ told us "that where your treasure is, that's where your heart will be also" and the people of Christendom chose to pour their wealth into the most magnificent tribute to Our Lady that the world will ever see.

It's almost all gone now. On the Monday of Holy Week it was lit ablaze. Whether or not it was intentionally set on fire - which is what I believe - is almost irrelevant. God had protected this Church that was dedicated to His most beautiful creation through countless periods of conflict including a devastating world war that destroyed via air bombing most of the continent and almost every major city - except Paris and Rome. The fact that God did not protect Notre Dame from being lit ablaze represents a primal scream from Heaven begging for our penance.

Age and bureaucratic pressure has caught up to the small number of cardinals and bishops who resisted the new theology of the present Vatican regime. All around the world these clerics have had to retire due to mandatory age requirements or been forced out of the positions that they were appointed to by previous pontiffs. The delicate equilibrium - "oh, we know that there are some faithful Cardinals and Bishops left that will fight any crazy ideas that come out of Rome" - has been shattered. Priests who have spoken up against the Amazon synod in Rome, against the re-organization of the Curia, against the German assault on the theology of sin and salvation, are being purged. At Mass one Sunday, gone the next. Systemically. Meticulously.

There is almost no one left against the onslaught. It is just us.

The only thing stopping the current regime in Rome from imposing their new theology are optics. They want to institute change that lasts. If they try imposing too quick of a rupture from previous teaching it would leave the new theology open to correction by future pontificates.

And they do not want that. They are not interested in going back.

Witness this quote from the author of the Instrumentum Laboris, the working document for the Amazonian Synod:

"Why on earth should it not be possible to ordain these women? But not only in exceptional cases when there is a shortage of priests. Women are not stopgaps when there are not enough men around!" the bishop exclaimed." The argument that there were no women present at the Last Supper is simply unconvincing. If that was so decisive, then women wouldn't even be allowed to receive the Eucharist," he concluded.

The goal of Satan has always been to destroy the sacraments of the Church. No sacraments = no salvation. Ordained women would be invalid in form and any sacraments received would be invalid in matter.

And that moment has arrived. It has arrived now and it is not an accident.

The proponents of this synod have been quite frank that after it's completion "nothing will ever be the same" in the Church again,

It's not a threat. It's a promise.

If you felt like you could dig your head into the ground and ignore the larger cosmic implications of this remarkable year I regret to inform you that you are mistaken.

Satan has never been content with merely weakening the Church so it cannot save many souls or administer many sacraments. He wants the sacraments destroyed, but mostly he wants the Church to worship him, Satan, as god.

The Church has been so weakened, it's ability administer the sacraments so compromised by scandal and treachery, that this grotesque event is the only thing that has yet to happen. A besieged Church looks over the horizon at the enemy gathering for battle. The Camp of Saints is tired, exhausted, betrayed. It has been under attack since the Protestant Revolution. Since the French Revolution. Since World War I. Since the Communist Revolution. Since Nazism. Since the Cold War. All of it, like a dagger, aimed at the Church and the Church Militant.  The appearance of the leader of the enemy is the only thing left in this long war that has waged been against us.

The appearance of the devil telling the Church and the world to worship him.

Fortified by the Eucharist, administered by the remnant of faithful priests that remains, our answer will be a resounding no.

But for everyone else, all of the people in the world who ignore the spiritual realm, who have abandoned their spiritual patrimony, who close their eyes to the battle of good vs evil, who have not let Christ be master of their lives, who think that Hell is not a reality to be grappled with.

I have one question for you.

Are you ready for the devil?