Jul 10, 2019

Non-Liberal Catholics are Being Pushed Towards Confrontation and Schism by Francis and Co.

To clarify, Francis' statement is a lie from beginning to end. He has most assuredly *not* ignored faithful Catholics. He has closed down more traditionalist groups and societies and through his liberal Bishops suppressed more traditionalist priests then I could possibly name in this tweet.

As for the business about money: anyone who has spent any time in traditionalist communities knows how untrue that statement is.

That balderdash statement from Francis tweet prompted calls from his supporters to confront the Catholics that Francis is referring to. I suspect this is the strategy being employed: pretend to ignore traditionalist Catholics (while suppressing them) and then in a flurry of righteous indignation finally "bring the hammer" down on them: repeal of Summorum Pontificum. Unacceptable ultimatums to the SSPX. Suppression of the FSSP. Expelling the few remaining faithful Cardinals and Bishops.

I know for a fact there are priests and Bishops around the world facing professional and personal ruin after speaking out against the Amazon synod. Our friend Nick Donnelly wrote the same is happening in his corner of the world:

We all go about our daily lives and everything appears to be the same. But for the first time since Christ established the Church an evil man with evil friends completely control the institutional Church. This portends something wicked coming our way: a dam that has broken. An evil frenzy that no longer wishes to check itself.

These are dangerous times. It is all going to get much worse.