Aug 15, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and the Cover-Up

Re: Epstein and the cover-up

You shouldn't assume that the network of pedophiles and degenerates that sustained Epstein’s criminal enterprise will ever face accountability for their crimes. 

I learned this lesson on 9/11.

This is George Tenet. 

He was Director of the CIA from 1996-2004. At 3 PM on the afternoon of 9/11 Director Tenet received the flight manifests from planes that had been hijacked. When he saw two names on the manifests he yelled an expletive and shrunk into his seat.

The two names were Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi 

Khalid al-Mindhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi were Saudi Arabian nationals who joined al-Qaeda in the 1990’s. They trained in Afghanistan under Osama Bin Laden and left to fight for Bosnian Muslims against Serbian Christians in what they considered to be a jihad.

In 2000 they were ordered to travel to the United States because a terrorist attack was in the works. 

They lived in San Diego. Al-Hazmi’s name was in the San Diego phone book. The CIA knew that they were here and did not alert the FBI.

The two could have been arrested immediately. They were members of a terrorist organization that had just destroyed two American embassies in Africa. They had trained in a terrorist facility. They were in touch with Al-Qaeda operatives planning terrorist bombings all over the world. 

The CIA, and Director Tenet, ordered the FBI be kept in the dark about the pair because they were hopeful they could be recruited to be human intelligence inside al-Qaeda. The CIA had no assets in Bin Laden’s inner circle.

They were never put on a no-fly list (even though al-Qaeda had a long fascination with blowing up planes). They were never followed. Strangely, in the 21 months before 9/11, the CIA never actually attempted to recruit them. They were allowed to operate freely.

al-Mindhar travelled to Singapore before 9/11 to co-ordinate the upcoming attack, a meeting the CIA was listening to, and was able to re-enter the United States without difficulty. 

al-Mindhar and al-Hazmi were part of the five-man hijacking team that destroyed a portion of the Pentagon on 9/11.

Thousands of Americans died on that day. It was the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor. Did Director Tenet face any consequences for this negligence? Did he go to jail? Was he made a public pariah?

Not on your life

He continued to be the Director of the CIA for another 3 years. Why? Because he was untouchable. As Director of the CIA he knew too much about too many people. He was above punishment.

They even gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom!

He is now the Managing Director of an investment bank so private and influential (and probably intelligence connected) that they don’t even maintain a website. He is incredibly rich.

In the society that we live in the elites are unaccountable and completely dedicated to protecting each other from the consequences of their decisions. It’s why James Comey refused to charge Hillary Clinton for flagrantly mishandling classified information. 

It’s why no financial executive went to jail after the 2008 Financial Crisis even though they were *all* engaged in widespread criminal fraud. 

George Tenet was clearly negligent. He walked away without a scratch because people in his position do not face real consequences for their actions.

No accountability, not for them, not ever. It's why Epstein had to die.The media moguls, professors, financiers, princes, presidents and kings that paid him to arrange sex with under-age women will do anything to protect their dominance. Including arranging for a murder.