Aug 4, 2019

Stop blaming Christians for mass shootings, almost all gunmen are atheists or pagans (with an honorary mention to Muslim extremists)

 Pet peeve: blame being assigned where it does not belong.

In the wake of the horrific mass shootings this weekend - in Dayton and in El Paso - a conversation has begun as to where to assign blame.

The conventional wisdom is that people who support Republicans are to blame for supporting lax gun control and white people are in general to blame for opposing massive third-world immigration to Western countries.

By "white people" many commentators have dug deeper: they blame Christians.
It is fair to debate the necessity and stringency of gun laws. I favor most guns being legal to purchase with strict licensing requirements and requirements for storage. It is not fair in any way to blame Christians for the mass shootings.

Because THEY ARE ALL COMMITTED BY ATHEISTS OR PAGANS (with an honorary mention to Muslim extremists)

The Dayton gunman was looking *forward* to going to hell. He used the he/him nonsense that woke people use and described himself as a leftist. It would not be fair to describe him as an atheist: he declared that he was "against all gods." He simply hated God. This man is now facing the consequences for his decisions. He was almost certainly demon possessed.

Here is the scorecard:

Anders Breivik (Norway): Pagan
New Zealand shootings: Pagan
Sandy Hook Shooter: *LEFT CATHOLIC SCHOOL TO GO TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL* declared Catholicism a "cult" and hated it
San Bernadino: Muslims
Las Vegas: Atheist
Pulse: Muslims
Sutherland Springs: Atheist
Parkland Springs: Not interested in religion
El Paso: Pagan
Dayton: Pagan

There have been hundreds of mass shootings and I can not find a *single* one that was perpetuated by a practicing Christian. Not one.

The question we should be asking ourselves is:

Why has there been this sudden upsurge in atheistic and pagan violence?

Why are the people who are actively rejecting Christianity committing mass acts of violence?