Sep 4, 2019

An "Imperfect General Council" To Depose Francis and Elect a New Pope Is Possible. Here's Why.

They that render evil for good, have detracted me, because I followed goodness. Forsake me not, O Lord my God: do not thou depart from me. Attend unto my help, O Lord, the God of my salvation.
- Psalm 7:21-23

It behooves all Catholics to remember that the Church began with 12.

Yes, there are 5,100 Bishops in the world. Yes, there are 214 Cardinals. But the large numbers for the Church are a luxury, they are not a necessity.  The Church has done its duty to continue its apostolic succession for 2000 years through all manners of trials and tribulations. The numbers of bishops who participated in dealing with urgent theological issues and naming a successor to St. Peter has always been irrelevant to the Church

Because the Church began with 12.

The Remnant dealt with the mechanics, including the historical and legal basis, for the Church to depose a heretical pope back in 2014. It is a worthwhile read. 

Robert Siscoe demonstrates that a general council being called would be the mechanism for a few Cardinals and Bishops to declare that the pope has committed heresy and to elect a new pope.

But that is not what this article is about.

This article is about the increasing signs that some Bishops are thinking about this step.

This article is about demonstrating that there are more than enough Bishops who have publicly signaled that a move like this would not be out of the realm of possibility.

Cardinal Sarah writes in his new book:

“If by a lack of faith in God and by an effect of pastoral short-sightedness the Synod for the Amazon were to decide on the ordination of viri probati, the fabrication of ministries for women and other such incongruities, the situation would be extremely serious,” he wrote. 

Cardinal Burke is making comments that could be interpreted to doubt the legitimacy of the 2013 conclave.

The SSPX is in full battle-cry over the upcoming Amazon synod.

The ICKSP and FSSP are truly split within the ranks.

There are even a decent number of diocesan priests and Bishops - I know this for a fact - watching the current situation with growing apprehension and dread.

While I am not going to name names, for reasons that should be obvious, I can easily list at least 20 Bishops that could conceivably participate in an imperfect general council of the Church.

20 is a lot more than 12.

And among the 5,100 Bishops there is the possibility for surprises among men currently praying and fasting for direction on how to proceed.

It is fashionable to cynically dismiss the courage of these ordained men. We should, in these moments, remember our own spiritual cowardice when we did not preach Christ crucified in our lives when we should have. And yet here we are, having overcome.

These men can overcome, with the help of God, their apprehensions to protect the Church from the criminal assault that it is currently weathering.

The Holy Spirit would bestow the gifts of the papacy - supernatural gifts - upon the person whom this council selected as the successor of St. Peter in a way that Francis never received.

I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is the current living pontiff on earth. I would not be surprised to see the death of Benedict to be immediately followed by some outrageous promulgation of an affront to God that would then lead these Bishops to act.

This article at Lifesite, which demonstrates that long-time friends of Francis are planning the most outrageous attacks on the Eucharist, on the dignity of God (calling God "father-mother"), and on the idea that the Church is the only barque capable of saving humanity, will backfire.

These daily outrages are being used by God to bring in as many of the 5,100 Bishops as possible.

God, in His Time, will prevail.

Do not be troubled.