Sep 10, 2019

Francis, Leader of the Anti-Church, Warns His Critics That They Will Be in 'Schism’

“I am not afraid of schisms,” Francis said in a 10-minute response, adding that there had been many in the 2,000-year history of the Church.

“I pray that there won’t be any because the spiritual health of many people is at stake,” he said.

Look, I can't force you to not be in communion with this man.

But what I can absolutely promise you is that he is not going to let you be in communion with him unless you accept his entire agenda.

It's not difficult to discern what that agenda is. His people cannot help but brag about it. It is an agenda that, like his comments about God making some people sodomites, blasphemes God.

This man is a destroyer. He is our chastisement. When he dies, which I believe will not be for a very long time, the Church will be in ruins and ready to embrace the devil incarnate.

This is not a game. This is happening now. This is deadly serious.