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Sunday, October 27, 2019

So if the Third Secret of Fatima Released in 2000 Was a Fabrication, What Was Actually In it? And What Now?

For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad. - St. Luke 8:17

In part one I demonstrated that the "Third Secret" of Fatima released in 2000 was a fabrication.

This forces us to consider a new question:

So What Was in the Third Secret of Fatima?

In order to decipher the answer to this question we must evaluate Pope John XXIII's response after reading the letter from Sr. Lucia:

"This does not concern my pontificate."

The confident response is most likely because the Secret details actions by a pope that John XXIII believed he would never do. It is the only reasonable way to understand the absolute assurance of John's response. He did not release the Secret because if it says what I just asserted every pope would be under suspicion of apostasy. The filial bonds of loyalty and obedience would break down in the Church.

Considering the tenor of the messages received throughout the 19th and 20th century, culminating in Fatima and Tuy, it is reasonable to discern that the messages were warning of dangers to the Church and to believers around the world. Indeed, 23 years later at Akita, after the conclusion of Vatican II, Our Lady made her starkest proclamation of what is to come if men do not better themselves - a chastisement so severe "that the living would envy the dead" after fire falls from the sky. The "fire from the sky" detail echoes that of Revelation Chapter 20 (from whence the name of this blog derives):

And they came upon the breadth of the earth, and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. And there came down fire from God out of heaven, and devoured them; and the devil, who seduced them, was cast into the pool of fire and brimstone, where both the beast And the false prophet shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Contrast this with the disposition of John XXIII. "We feel we must disagree with those prophets of gloom, who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand. In the present order of things, Divine Providence is leading us to a new order of human relations which, by men’s own efforts and even beyond their very expectations, are directed towards the fulfilment of God’s superior and inscrutable designs."

I often wonder if John XXIII ever considered that he was offending Our Lady who was the chief vessel by which God chose to send these messages to the world.

Who turned out to be accurate? Our Lady, who prophesied severe apostasy in the Church? Or John XXIII, who told us that happy days were here? 50 years of degradation in the Church makes the answer perfectly clear.

The exact content of the message is unknowable. We will all know, at the Judgement, what it said.

The purpose of this trip down memory lane, like so much of my work, is to hammer home this simple point: These are emergency times. This is not normal. Dexterity in thinking, belief and action is required of all of us at the moment.

The prophecies of Akita are yet to be fulfilled. When I saw Notre Dame burning, the most famous house dedicated to Our Lady, I interpreted it as a dramatic way to get our attention about what was happening in the Church, in our society, in our homes, in our lives.

Our house is burning. We were warned. Some of these warnings, like the Third Secret, were suppressed, while others, like Akita, were not.

An age that thinks it is perfectly normal to provide 7 year old kids with drugs that attempt to change their biological sex is an age that is destined to be destroyed by God's righteous justice. We do not need to read the Third Secret to understand this. It's clear as a bell for anyone paying attention.