Saturday, May 2, 2020

Can a Catholic Pope tell an autistic child "maybe we'll see each other in hell?"

 And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy. 
- Revelation 13:1

Pope Francis closed the call offering the family his blessing and asking for prayer, but not before making a small joke with Baruffi, who told him that, “We pray a lot for you, but you don’t need it, you are already a saint.”

Jesting, he laughed, and said, “Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other in hell?”, to which Baruffi said, “I think for you no, but us perhaps. We’re a little bit mean with everyone in this situation.”

Lest you do not believe's on video!

What kind of demented ghoul responds to a child telling him "you are already a saint" with "we'll see each other in hell?"

Can a Catholic Pope say such things?

As a side note....anyone else find that picture of Francis post-Conclave to be incredibly creepy? It's from an international wire service so it wasn't doctored in any way...the orange/fire background, the creepy smile, the monster Cardinal Daneels in the corner grimacing/trying to smile....everyone looking apprehensive. Creepy.