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Saturday, June 6, 2020

How to Return to the Church After Falling Away

There is nothing real stopping you from returning to the Catholic Church. 

Nothing Real: In your mind you may have a hundred reasons for not returning to the Church. Most likely, you remember your sins. You remember that abortion you participated in, that false testimony you gave, that theft that you committed, that adulterous relationship that you had, that blasphemous statement about God that you made.

But none of those things are real reasons not to return.

Read this short article and come right back.

I guarantee you that there is nothing that you have done in your life that is as appaling as being the Commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp. 

Over the 2,000 years that the Church has been active God has heard billions of confessions. There is nothing that you can tell him that would scandalize him.

Make a personal act of contrition, now, so if you died right after you were done you could know that God would embrace you in His love and Mercy. This is a quick guide on how to do it. 

Second, acquaint yourself with the principles of the Catholic Faith. If you went to a Catholic school, or had lukewarm parents, or a bad parish growing up, you probably know far less than you think you do about the Faith. That isn't a commentary on you; that's a commentary on Catholic education and catechists. I would recommend buying and reading either this Penny Catechism (77 concise pages, but older language) or this (125 pages, but very simple and clear language in Q-and-A format).

Lastly, I would avoid the Novus Ordo parish at all costs. Do a Google search and see if there is a FSSP, SSPX, ICKSP or CMRI parish near you. Attend. Don't be afraid that you can't understand the Latin or don't know what's going on; just pray to God that you are open to God's love and direction. Make a good confession to a priest.

Your past life doesn't matter. You may fall 10000 times after you resolve to be a good Catholic again, but as long as you keep persevering, that won't matter either.

God has called you to spend eternity with Him. God has called you to leave this sinking world and get on His barque. Get on the barque!