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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Site Renovation

I ask you for your patience while we finish redesigning the website and adding functionality throughout. When I started this website in April 2019, with a basic template and google images, I had no idea that it would grow so quickly and be important to so many. So now we believe it is important to make the website as professional as possible. We are committed to doing so. I need another day or two to finish this work, so new articles will have to wait until that is done.

Some of the new design is already up. You can now read all posts in your native language by using the "translate" function on the right navbar (or bottom of the page if you are on mobile.) We are planning on adding a YouTube channel, a page dedicated to podcasts, a lot of new content, interviews and all of the other great content that you have come to expect.

We have been open for a year and the response from our readers has been overwhelming. I would like to extend my thanks to all of you. This is an incredibly difficult time to be doing this work and I could not get it done without all of your personal support.

This site is best viewed through the "desktop" version rather than the "mobile version." Please keep that in mind!

- James