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Monday, June 29, 2020

The Triangle That is Transforming Our Society Into this Hellish State

It's not enough to look at the general breakdown of society, culture, economic activity and diagnose that things are breaking down (which they clearly are). A diagnoses as to why they are breaking down is in order.

Here is my theory, sticking entirely to the secular realm.

I volunteered for "conservative" political parties throughout high school and most of college. Eventually I got to work at the headquarters of campaigns during election time, and so I got a fair introduction to how campaigns worked and the process that goes into getting a message out.

I remember a political strategist, who is well known today, telling me that "Journalists are the laziest people in the world. Lazy. They want you to hand them stories on a silver platter."

So keeping that in mind.

Journalist gets to work. Being incredibly lazy, they have been trained to do the easiest thing in the world to find out what people are talking about: they open social media and check what's "trending."

Story that is "trending" (often with very little real momentum and solely because far-left activists know that the social media sites will promote the latest "cause of the day") gets put onto Cable News outlets (CNN. MSNBC, Fox News) to fuel the culture wars.

Woke Capital, seeking to protect itself legally from liability, and staffed with former far-left activists cum corporate sellouts, announces it is getting on board to promote the latest outrage (gay rights, black lives matter) or to sanction offenders of politically correct thought (anything that is opposed to the far left agenda).

Rinse and repeat. Ad nauseam.

For certain issues the politicians also get on board which prolongs the messaging of the group that initially began this on social media.

The problem, of course, is that social media is completely unrepresentative of the body politic at large. Demographically, it is skewed away from people who work with their hands for a living, who are busy raising families and who live their life in a more traditional way. It is widely over-representative of the unemployed, the young, the attention seeking, the unstable and the people who get a thrill out of bulling others.

This triangle is extremely strong. It is responsible for almost everything that drives our politics and culture at the moment. It is inherently anti-traditional and dangerous to the interests of conservative people. It is well-financed (woke capital), powerful (the news media) with millions of active foot soldiers doing the work (your average social media user).

I hope that people will eventually get tired of being bullied by these social vandals. It's hard to see a way out of this.