How to Enter the Catholic Church

I've heard from a lot of people thinking about converting to Catholicism or who are Catholics but really want to grow in the faith. Here are my suggestions on things to do/what to get...

1.) If you phone up your local Catholic Church they are going to make you go through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) program. This is the ordinary way to be received into the Catholic Church in 2019. It is also...extremely soy, watered down, soft, politically correct. If you have no other choice to enter the Church you should absolutely put your head down and get through this. Reception will allow you access to all of the sacraments of the Church which is the prize given to us from Heaven for the salvation of our souls.


If you have a traditionalist parish near you (find one on these websites or or with the latter two links being highly recommended)
The priest will NOT make you go through RCIA. He will instead instruct you on an individual basis or as part of a small group. This is an amazing way to learn the Faith and build a friendship with the priest and the Church.
*please remember*
Priests, especially traditional priests, are imperfect and extremely busy. They probably won't follow up to teach/receive you into the Church unless you *really* chase them.

2.) Understand that we are living in the time of the Great Apostasy. Living as a faithful Catholic is really hard right now. Die a faithful Catholic and you will be in heaven with God for eternity. But your spiritual life is going to be really difficult until then.

3.) While you are perfectly free to attend a Novus Ordo Mass, which is the Ordinary form of the Church since 1970, you will find your spiritual life fortified by attending a Traditional Latin Mass. Don't be afraid. The people are *amazing.* Here's a link to find in your area:

4.) Pray. A lot. You are going to need it. Here's a page with the easiest and most powerful Catholic prayers that I use. … Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be.
If you find yourself in temptation make the sign of the cross and recite your favorite prayers. YOU WILL GET HELP. God loves you and wants you to be with Him. 

5.) When you are feeling more comfortable, order this Missal

It has all of the essential prayers necessary for the Faith and it is a much needed companion on your journey. Note I make no money off the selling of this product. 

6.) Learn how to pray the Rosary. God has given this prayer to be the bulwark of defense in these times.
That link I posted before with the prayers tells you exactly how to pray it. When you buy your rosary beads buy a few and try to keep it cheap - they will probably break or rip. I cannot recommend praying the Rosary enough.

There is a lot to learn. Don't feel overwhelmed if you don't understand everything. Your spiritual life will grow and if you are faithful to the end you will have life more abundantly then you could possibly imagine. God is good.